pArty packages

So you want to come to the show, and you're looking for that once-in-a-lifetime-go-hard-or-go-home extravaganza?

The type to cement your best friend status, Maid of Honour credentials or reputation as the Queen of Epic Nights Out?

Girl, we hear you. That's why we designed our show ticket packages for situations when nothing but the absolute best will do.

Paul 3 opening (1).jpg


*You'll be met at the door and personally escorted upstairs by your own beautiful Man of Steel (swoon)

* Very-very-front row table seats literally next to the stage in our VIP seating area (we mean it, you can put your feet on the stage you're that close)

*Alllllllll of the up close and personal attention that comes with sitting by the stage...(these hot seats come with more attention than you could shake a sparkly stick at....)

*Bomb-ass decorated table where we bling the wazoo out of your table like you're a goddam Kardashian (for those 10/10 Instagram pics)

*VIP Goodybags full of treats, games and surprises - and some truly crazy ass truth and dares.

*Personal topless waiter who attends to you all night (cos Britney does not queue at the bar, bitch)

*A Group photo printed, signed and sealed with a kiss for everyone in your group, which we'll print in its own cute novelty holder for you to take home and hide under the bed!

*Digital photo pack of all your hot pics from the night - please note we don’t allow cameras/phones at the show ladies, so this is your chance to get the red hot evidence of your night out!

$75 pp.

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Calani Shirt

the beyonce

You're going all out and so are we. This Queen Bey ticket package includes:

*All of the Britney Package plus:

*Bubbles for the table (cos we be fancy, y'all)

*Sweet treats for the table (real candy annnnd man candy)


Our speciality dish for every wild child out there. Think Naked Sushi but with sweet treats...We take a beautiful babe of Steel, we cover him in chocolate sauce, whipped cream and sugared treats, and we serve him to you at your table for your group to devour! The one rule? We insist your Bride/birthday girl gets first bite!


The absolute cherry on the top of a the most spectacular party is us getting your special guest on stage for her moment in the spotlight... Absolutely unmissable on a special occasion and HELL YES we take photos)

*A PRINTED PACK OF ALL OF THE PHOTOS YOUR PARTIES BIG MOMENTS & DIGITAL COPIES (Please note, we don't allow cellphones in the club, so this is your one chance to get photographic evidence of the wild night!!)

$95 p.p.