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Men of Steel on Project .jpg

The Project

Dion and the Boys talking secrets and surprises on The Project NZ, to celebrate their 15th year anniversary...

Our Centre Feature Article in Metro

Our Centre Feature Article in Metro

 Metro Magazine, 2016

"Every show, every night, the room burns with heady, wild energy.....Up here, it’s wild. The strippers are gyrating, the girls are jumping and everyone’s drunk on lust, adrenalin, dry ice, sweat and perfumed man."

Our Party is Just Getting Started

Our Party is Just Getting Started

the New Zealand herald, 2016

"A hilarious party starter....The audience has formed an impromptu dance floor by 9pm" Highlight of the Best Weekend Away in Auckland Feature.

The Guys on Good Morning

The Guys on Good Morning

TV One Good Morning show

"Now, they're pumped, primed and ready to knock your socks off...please welcome back the Men of Steel" 

Men of Stee Womans Day.jpg

Men of Steel, Woman's Day 2017

To celebrate their 15th anniversary, Dion Murphy, owner and choreographer of Men of Steel, gives Woman's Day a candid interview on the highs, lows and sensational details of what it's like to run New Zealand's only male revue club. 

Men of Steel The Cafe.jpg

Celebrating 15 years on TV3's The Cafe

No 15th birthday celebration is complete with an interview on TV3's The Cafe, where Dion and the Boys gave a full interview to Mike Puru and Mel Homer. Not to mention a tantalising upcoming show sneak peak for the 15th century anniversary show, Midnight in Paradise.